First Responder

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Designed for Rear Facing Identification

The First Responder is discreet and nonintrusive when not in use but highly effective when required.

These Signs are illuminated with Bright LEDs producing 9w of light and powered by your cars 12v cigarette lighter socket with on/off switch, there is the optional remote control units to assist with dimming and flash functions. 

The First Responder comes with a detachable extension cable to enable you to hide the wiring behind / under the dash so that unsightly wires are well hidden.  They are detachable sections to enable you to remove and install easily. Simply place in the rear window of your vehicle, plug it in and switch it on.

To ensure that these signs are being used for genuine usage, we do require I.D before the items are dispatched, so please send us your information when ordering to speed up the ordering process. 

More info on the signs send us a message

Completely customizable wording:  POLICE, FIRE, US MAIL, CAUTION, METER READER

CUSTOM GRAPHICS - Please note in the Shopping Cart Notes what you would like your wording to be - we will contact you to confirm color and transparency.